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Why & What

I believe that workplaces are healthier, happier and safer places when people are more connected to each other.

I bring a human focused approach to the workplace to improve connection between people through enhancing culture, leadership and engagement. 


Creating and maintaining a mature safety and risk culture from within



Building leaders who are able to meaningfully connect and influence



Increasing connection and engagement between people




People and Risk is me, Dave Whitefield, and I'm passionate about enhancing connection between people because I think this makes the places we work in, healthier, safer and happier.

The name People and Risk is about being curious about how other people make sense of risk and uncertainty. I believe that this is one of the pathways to better connection because when you respond to uncertainty with curiosity instead of judgement, you can't help but become more connected to others around you. With connection comes understanding, empathy and tolerance, which improves individual relationships and organisational cutlure.

To help achieve this goal I apply evidence based social psychology principles to enhance culture, leadership and engagement in the workplace.

More about how I approach my work.

My LinkedIn profile for further information about my experience, qualifications and background.

Recent projects and clients.

Support and solutions provide.



Some of the partner organisations I get to work with are:

  • Human Dymensions - People and Risk can offer selected Human Dymensions services under a partnering agreement.

  • Link Resources - Nationally recognised training, recruitment, labour hire, HR Support, employee assistance.

  • GCG Health Safety Hygiene - Safety, hygiene and fire consulting, auditing, systems and training.


These businesses are run by great friends of mine who also work in the safety, risk, leadership, culture and human focussed space:

  • Resylience - Risk and culture consulting (Sydney based).

  • Framework - Human focussed workplace injury management (NSW based). 


My conversations on the couch with James

Fragility- Part 1

Fragility- Part 2

Fragility- Part 3



People and Risk

7 Seng St, Graceville Qld 4075

0412 782 191