About Dave

I have a background in workplace safety and qualifications in behavioural science, occupational health and safety, and social psychology. Over the last 25 years I have worked in a variety of roles in-house and consultant roles, including being a Director of a medium sized national safety training business for 8 years. I now work across all sectors, helping to support organisations wanting to improve connection through enagement, culture and leadership in .

Here are some of the things that make sense to me:

  • People are the source of safe, succesful operation, not something to be fixed and controlled.

  • Risk is a social process.

  • Risk is about uncertainty, not good/ bad or high/ low.

  • Most of our risk thinking is done unconsciously. It is also biased, relies on unconscious heuristics, and can be primed.

  • Risk, safety, quality, customer service, environmental management, and wellness are all wicked problems that can only be tackled, and not solved.

  • Many traditional approaches to managing behaviour in safety and risk actually increase risk and make systems more fragile.

  • Zero harm/ zero tolerance approaches deny human fallibility and often increase risk.

  • There is no learning without risk.

  • Curiosity, conversation and connection are vital for understanding and learning.


People and Risk 2020

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